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How do you make bonds work for your investment goals? Strategies for bond investing range from a buy-and-hold approach to complex tactical trades involving views on inflation and interest rates. As with any kind of investment, the right strategy for you will depend on your goals, your time frame and your appetite for risk.

Bonds can help you meet a variety of financial goals such as: preserving principal, earning income, managing tax liabilities, balancing the risks of stock investments and growing your assets. Because most bonds have a specific maturity date, they can be a good way to make sure that the money will be there at a future date when you need it.

This section can help you:

  • Decide how bonds can best work for you
  • Understand where bonds fit within your asset allocation
  • Learn about how different types of bonds help you reach different goals
  • Think about sophisticated trading strategies based on market views and signals
  • Discern the difference between bonds and bond funds

Your goals will change over time, as will the economic conditions affecting the bond market. As you regularly evaluate your investments, check back here often for information that can help you see if your bond investment strategy is still on target to meet your financial goals.